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Premium Chess Partners are Federations and organizations recognized by them, such as, for example, chess clubs and schools.
Partners are also the Referees, Organizers and Teachers who can access functions and services specific to their roles
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Parent Control
Premium Chess puts the maximum attention to the protection of minors, starting from their registration which must be completed by their parent (or legal guardian), to the control of all communication channels and services to which they have access
Privacy on your Matches
To ensure the privacy of our Premium users, all games played outside official tournaments are made invisible. This means that there is no need to create anonymous profiles to protect your strategies and studies anymore
Our differentials
  • Official events organized by federations, with changes in Elo and assignment of titles
  • Championships, team tournaments, bilateral matches, and much more
  • Management of groups for schools and chess clubs with advanced teaching functions
  • Sections dedicated to recognized organizations only by federations, the only ones hosted on the platform
  • Functions dedicated to referees to ensure the utmost fairness of the games
  • Privacy of games to protect the study of players' strategies and tactics
  • Maximum level of privacy for the protection of minors.
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Variety of tournaments
You can start having fun with single games and tournaments, and then participate in those organized by the Chess Clubs and get to play the events organized by the Federation.
Variety of ranking
Different types of Elo are associated with your profile depending on the subscription, membership with the Federation, and the results achieved in the game