Data treatment

According to UE regulation n. 2016/679, regarding people and personal data protection, we want to inform you that the data provided will be object of treatment in respect of the regulation above mentioned and of the duties of confidentiality the owner of the treatment has.

1. Owner of the Treatment

The owner of the treatment is Giochi d’Intelletto SRL based in Bologna via Rodolfo Audinot n. 34, contactable to the email address for all the information contained in this statement.

2. Finality of the treatment

The personal data provided are necessary for the execution of the contract of adhesion to the online gaming platform managed by Giochi d’Intelletto SRL and the providing of the related services.

3. Lega basis of the treatment

Personal data will be treated with a previous consent.

The communication of data is needed to benefit from our services. You can still choose not to provide your personal data, but in case of missing communication of them we won’t be able to provide our services.

4. Data categories

To achieve the purpose indicated at point number 2), we will treat the data provided based on mandatory data and non-mandatory data to complete the registration. Missing indication of mandatory data and missing consent agreement won’t let the completion of the registering process; the missing indication of non-mandatory data won’t let the supply of additional services whose data are essential precondition.

Mandatory Data

As mandatory data are intended those necessary to manage the gaming platform, that are for example e-mail address, name and surname, birthdate, and gender. These data are mandatory for the basic registration, meanwhile for the complete registration additional mandatory data are requested, like id document and its number, nationality and nation. In some particular cases, a copy of this document could be requested.

Mandatory data are collected during the registration process to let the organization of particular events with restricted participation, that are, for example, gender or age restricted events, o reserved one to specific geographic areas. Regarding the complete registration, the requested data are necessary to guarantee the identity of the player and associate him/her with pre-existent personal profiles in public authorities or national and international federations.

Non-mandatory data

Under this category stand data unnecessary to fruition of base services of the platform, and, if provided by the user, they let him/her use advanced services. They can be group like following:

  • Telephone number
  • Address, postcode, city

5. Treatment mode and conservation

The treatment will be done automatically and/or manually, following what stated in art.32 GDPR 2016/679 regarding the security measures, by subjects specifically charged and according to what provided by art. 29 GDPR 2016/679.

Please, note that in compliance with the principles of lawfulness, purpose limitation and data minimization, based on art. 5 GDPR 2016/679, prior to your free and explicit expressed at the bottom of this statement, your personal data will be kept for the period of time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected and treated. 

6. Scope of communication and diffusion

We also inform you that the data collected will never be diffused and will not be communicated to other parts without your explicit consent, except for necessary communications that may involve the transfer of data to public authorities, consultants or other subjects for the fulfillment of legal obligations.

7. Transfer of personal data

Your data will not be transfer neither in UE States or in third part states not part of the UE.

8. Period of conservation

The acquired information will be used to provide requested services and therefore to contact you about them, as well as to detect, prevent and counter fraudulent or illegal activities.

We will keep your personal data for necessary time to provide the services.

9. Rights of the interested part

At any time, you can exercise, by writing to the indicated referral, the following rights:

  • Access your personal data and request any correction;
  • Ask for the cancellation of your personal data (“right to be forgotten”) if one of the following condition applies:
    1. The cancellation of the profile is requested;
    2. The treatment is based only on your consent and not on legal or contractual obligations;
    3. There is an opposition regarding the art. 21 of EU regulation 2016/679;
  • Limit the treatment of some data, if compatible with the purpose for which the data were collected;
  • Transfer the data to another owner of the treatment, if applicable.

In addition to the rights listed above, you will always the right to do a complaint with the Supervisory Authority.

If the processing of your data is based exclusively on your consent, at any time you can revoke it by sending an email to the email address listed above. The request to delete personal data will automatically delete the profile from the gaming platform, which leads to the impossibility to access the related services

10. Automatic decisional processes

We do not use automatic decisional processes